Co-MU Space by SCB

Architectural and Interior design firm MADA design factory was award winning to renovate Co-MU Space which supported by Siam Commercial Bank PCL (SCB).

to new sharing and learning space that reflect to digital transformation era and   new way of education platform. Site is located at ground floor library and learning center building Mahidol University in Nakornprathom Thailand.

MADA realized a good environment that motives student to increase wisdom then develop their own skill and knowledge.

Transformation of the existing standard reading area into “Wisdom park” which bringing green park environment, natural look and feel, fresh color, a labyrinth

to space and introducing a variety of accommodation for community use such as exhibition areas and space for events and performance, rooms for group activities and personal reading pod response to new learning activities era.

The main entrance designs by made up fresh color, exciting shape and form with continuing color from column to floor finishes. And open ceiling to create spatial with LED light. MADA has design new staircase at entrance by using large stepping washed aggregate with Zig-Zag technic to reduce speed and control student mind when they are going to access at this area.

At the community area, MADA has create hanging green with take out some of grid ceiling to response acoustic function and increase spatial feeling to space.

“Kan Pai Mahidol Flower” is painted at wall for double space of 2nd and 3rd floor to create underneath the tree feeling when there is natural light at sky light during the day time.

Community stair step seating is using for group activities and performance from entrepreneur who would like to sharing their experience then inspired to student. Moreover, they can create networking and attract to talent at the same time.

Expose ceiling with accent fresh color are element that create to this area both function and visualize.

Personal reading space was design by using labyrinth concept to divide space for path way and seating pod for noise control purpose also reflect to the whole concept of Wisdom Park. HMR is the key material for this area. It is simple, durable and response to sustainability issue.

Co – MU space

Bangkok, Thailand

Firm : MADA Design Factory

Industry : University / Library

Client : Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited

Area : 1,200 sq.m

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Status : Completed 2020

Partner In-Charge : Ananchai Jirawiwattanan

Project Leader : Nisachol Loetritsirikul

Team : Attapong Jaruwattanakul, Thanakorn Suttipanya