DRC4 Office

Bangna, Thailand
  • T.C.C. Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Bangna, Thailand
  • 1,200 Sq.m.
  • Workplace
  • 2016-2017
  • Inprocess
  • Warin Bunyaprasit
  • MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.
  • Ananchai Jirawiwattanan
  • Nichary Pongsomboon
  • Nattasit Sirimongkolnawin, Thanonchai Sunphum, Attapong Jaruwattanankul
  • Disaster Recovery Centre office,DRC4 is located at eastern part of Bangkok – Bangna, Thailand, 10 kilometers from Suwannabhumi International Airport that owned by T.C.C. Technology Co.,Ltd. The service of this company is server hosting areas including office rental spaces which do not have flooding risk. On top of that DRC4 also connected with Alliance Data Centers: Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA). As part of the design, MADA maximised natural light and air-flow to workplace and office workers by created a main circulation that connecting to both side of the building. Therefore, this main circulation is efficiently provided for the collaboration area for their customers. Furthermore, this is kind of social space for customers to connect their business in further. Additionally, the natural materials are selected to create harmonious warmth feeling for users, such as wooden vinyl tile, green carpet that represent a grass, and informal look of the loose furniture. Although, the corporate identity of T.C.C. Technology is blue colour, there are some matching colour that can make this workplace more energetic.