Portofino Resort and Spa,Chiangmai

Chiangmai Business Park, Thailand
  • Billion Hospitality Co.,Ltd.
  • Chiangmai Business Park, Thailand
  • 6 Rai; 7,000 Sq.m.; Overall room key -122 Units; Building A – 78 units; Building B – 44 Units.
  • Hotel
  • 2015-2016
  • Completed
  • MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.
  • MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.
  • Ananchai Jirawiwattanan
  • Nichary Pongsomboon
  • Apinya Pruksakasemsuk,Thanonchai Sunphum,Attapong Jaruwattanakul,Haritcha Aramkiuea
  • Portofino Resort and Spa at Chiangmai, the site of this hotel is located at Chiangmai Business Park and here is quite near to the centre of Chiangmai. The spatial site of the hotel is near by the lake and the mountain, Doi Suthep. To take full advantage those contexts, the building splits into two buildings: building A, 7-storey and building B, 8-storey because it maximise the view. As Chiangmai is a well-known character as a natural environment for tourism. Consequently, this hotel inspiration came from the combination between urban and life that the site is located on both urban area and natural area. Thus, the conceptualisation is the integration of nature which MADA brought some textures, patterns and lives from local to transitional the design. Moreover, the materials are selected as local and sustainable materials, such as wood, brick and soft finishes Everything has been thought to make the natural experience as authentic as possible. The design aims to encourage its guests to truly experience the local life, while enjoying the exclusive quality stay the hotel has to offer. In a day, the permanent relationship between the facility and the nature is people.