Private Residence,Ratchada 31

  • Bangkok,Thailand
  • 100 Sq.w.
  • Private Residence
  • 2013-2015
  • Inprocess
  • MADA design factory
  • MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.
  • Ananchai Jirawiwattanan
  • Apinya Pruksakasemsuk, Nichary Pongsomboon
  • Nattasit Sirimongkolnawin,Thanonchai Sunphim
  • 45 Private Residence — the 7-storey house, each with a floor area of 200 square meter, feature one parking floor, four private residence floors and one roof top floor, this project total area is approximate1,400 square meter. Certainly, comparing between user requirement and its land is very tight; however, this house was designed as the spatial configuration by separating public and private area. The integral concept of this project is how to separate public and private area. MADA designed 2-storey of working space near to the ground that office workers can easily access to their workplace by using the staircase. This means that guests who need to go to private residence have to get the permission from owner before entry and they will access by using lift. Due to the site, the entrance of the land fronts the north and the left hand side is west. By this, it means that the west side of this building gets a lot of heat from the sun. As a consequence, MADA created main and core circulation on this side: stair, fire egress and lift, and this helps to protect the heat from outside to inside of the building. On top of that this project offered a breath-taking experience to both people living there and office workers as well as visitors by cutting some spaces integrate some natural light, air-flow and green to people. In addition, to a compact and efficient building layout, the environmental-smart design also features energy-saving ventilation systems and a highly effective external sun-shading system. As a result, the inhabitants are now able to use the entire function as a continuous indoor-outdoor space, heightening the experience of leisure activities in the house. The project also provides an additional bedroom and private terrace above for more intimate enjoyment for their family and guests.